Program Update – Jan 2017

GGSWe wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! May Waheguru bless you with Sewa and Simran!

Program update for January 2017 is listed below.

Historical Events

Kirtan and Katha Duties

Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Prakash Diwas

  • Jan 3 (Tue): Akhand Paath Starts at 930AM. Regular evening Diwan from 630PM to 8PM.
  • Jan 4 (Wed): Regular evening Diwan from 630PM to 8PM.
  • Jan 5 (Thu): Akhand Path Samapti at 10AM followed by Kirtan and Katha until 12PM. Special evening Diwan from 630PM to 830PM.

Other Updates

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Aagey Sukh Merey Meeta. Paachey Anand Prabh Keeta.

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Shahidi Diwas of Mata Gujri Ji, Sahibzadey and Singhs at Chamkaur

sahibzadeyIn the loving memory of Guru Gobind Singh ji, chaar Sahibzadey, Mata Gujri Ji, and all Shaheeds of Chamkaur, there will be special Diwans starting Sunday as per the following schedule.

  • Dec 25, Sunday: Akhand Paath Start at 10AM, followed by Sunday Diwan until 2PM
  • Dec 26, Monday: Kirtan and Katha from 6:30PM to 8:30PM
  • Dec 27, Tuesday (Morning): Akhand Paath Samapti at 10AM, followed by Diwan until 12PM
  • Dec 27, Tuesday (Eve): Kirtan and Katha from 6:30PM to 8:30PM

Kirtan sewa will be done by Bh Mukhtiar Singh ji and Bibi Satvinder Kaur ji Jawadi Kala Wale. Bh Santokh Singh ji will be doing Katha sewa.

Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Port Reading will also be commemorating the Shahidis on the same days.

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If you follow our facebook page, by Guru’s grace, we have broadbasting our Diwans live these days. Check it out.

We will be sending out details for the new years Diwan soon. Stay tuned.

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Soora So Pehchaniye Jo Larre Deen Ke Heyt

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Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji’s Birthday

Dec 13 marks Sahibzada Fateh Singh ji’s birthday. Fateh Singh ji was the youngest son of Guru Gobind Singh ji. He lived his life with a lot of inspiration around him. Baba Fateh Singh ji along with his brother, Baba Zoravar Singh ji and Mata Gujri ji, bravely sacrificed his life for his faith and the right to remain Sikh.

Today evening’s Diwan at Gurdwara Sahib will be dedicated to his life. Bhai Mukhtiar Singh ji will be doing Kirtan sewa and Bhai Santokh Singh ji will be doing Katha sewa.

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Babaniyaa Kahaaniyaa Putt Sputt Karen |



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Program Update – Dec 2016

Historical Events

Kirtan and Katha Duties

Other Updates

  • On Dec 14, Philadelphia 76ers play against the Toronto Raptors. The Sikh sangat of South Jersey has organized a special program where in, you can buy specially priced in all sections. Mehar and Ravtej Kohli will be performing the National Anthem along with other special performances. You also get goodies when you buy these tickets. A portion of these tickets go to Sachkhand Express, who are doing great sewa in the South Jersey area via homeless feeding and other such commendable efforts. This is a great program for kids and all NBA lovers. Also, we get great visibility in media and other outlets. Win-win for all. To buy these tickets click here and enter promo code: sikh76
  • Now you can stay updated with program updates from Gurdwara Sahib via text messages. The only message you will receive from us will be program and other updates from Gurdwara Sahib. Please click here to signup and enter your phone number.


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Special Diwan – Tejinderpal Singh Khanne Wale and Dashmesh Academy Students

On Nov 26, Saturday, the evening Diwan will be held by the students of Dashmesh Academy. Bh Tejinderpal Singh Ji Khanne Wale will be doing Kirtan sewa as well.

Please attend the Diwan and encourage our students. If your kid would like to sing a Shabad, please register your name with the manager’s desk.

The Diwan will start at around 6:30PM with Rehras Sahib, followed by Kirtan, Speeches and Samapti around 8PM.


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Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Prakash Diwas

Nov 14th marks Guru Nanak Dev Ji‘s Prakash Diwas. We will be celebrating the Gurpurab over the weekend and on Nov 14, Monday.

Programs will be as per the following schedule:

  • Nov 12, Morning: Akhand Paath Start at 930AM
  • Nov 12, Evening: Regular Saturday Diwan
  • Nov 13, Sunday: Regular Sunday Diwan
  • Nov 14, Monday Morning: Akhand Paath Samapti at 10AM followed by Kirtan and Katha until 12PM
  • Nov 15, Monday Evening: 630PM to 9 PM

Bhai Nirmal Singh Nagpuri will be doing Kirtan sewa and Bhai Balbir Singh Ji, Damdami Taksal will be doing Katha sewa.

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Listen to this beautiful poem by Jaswant Singh Zafar on Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

sidh bolan subh bachan dhan naanak thaeree vaddee kamaaee|

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